Sticker Contest

Each semester Portobello Road hosts a sticker design contest. Here are the amazing entries we received this semester. The final round of voting is happening in store now!


Sticker Contest

We’ve been voting for a limited edition sticker design on Instagram. Each semester new designs will be submitted and voted on. We have had so many talented customers design sticker ideas it’s been a hard choice! If you’d like to vote, find us on Instagram @portobelloroadames. Check them out below!


Portobello Road will be CLOSED for the holiday weekend. Normal hours will resume Tuesday. 

Normal hours are Monday-Friday 12-6pm & Saturday 12-4pm. Hours are subject to change with the students schedule. For changes to hours follow us on Twitter @PortobelloAmes or Instagram @PortobelloRoadAmes.  

Thank you! 😘


In case you didn’t know…

VEISHEA: VEISHEA is an annual celebration held at Iowa State each spring, and one of its oldest traditions. It serves as a showcase and display of the Iowa State community with a wide variety of educational and entertainment events. Via

VEISHEA: By far the biggest annual, week long, student run celebration in the world. Where Iowa State University recognizes the six colleges of the university: Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Industrial Science, Home Economics, and Agriculture. Besides this, it is known to students as a week long, continuous rager where the population of Ames triples and people can find parties every night of the week. Booze is everywhere, even the classroom. Common events include; empty kegs thrown down streets, beer bonging in lecture halls, streaking, ceremonial burning of University of Iowa paraphernalia, small riots, and unforgettable memories.  Via Urban Dictionary

Some things you may need this week…

A party shirt. The bars are packed & with the weather so nice everyone will be partying outside! Just wander and pick one. With a cool shirt no one will care if you weren’t invited.

VEISHEA Party Shirt

VEISHEA Party Shirt

A drinking vessel. It’s VEISHEA, drink out of something fun!

VEISHEA Drinking Vessle

For carrying your party favors, from point A to B to C to D to back home around 4 am??

VEISHEA Party Favors

Shot Glasses. Obviously.

Veishea Shot Glasses

Something sexy for when you do decide to go to the bars, or just hang on Welch? There may be a lot of BFO’S in town.

Hand Beaded Vintage Sequin

Ladakh Sequin


And, a badass piece of jewelry always gets people talking.



Have fun, be safe and take pictures!