Get Yo Freaker On




Just in and made is the freakin’ USA! One Freaker fits any ¬†bottle or can.

We’ve picked our favorite funky, fresh designs and if it ever gets dirty or stretched out…just throw it in the washing machine. You can see why we love ’em!


Get Your Freaker ON!

Now in store, The Freaker.

One Freaker fits EVERY bottle (or can). What’s your flavor?

Baberaham Lincoln

Baberham Lincoln Freaker

Baberham Lincoln Freaker


Hooters Owl Freaker

Hooters Owl Freaker

Sour Puss

Sour Puss Cat Freaker

Sans Sheriff

Sans Sheriff Freaker

Shrimp Pimp

Shrimp Pimp Freaker flamingo

Forget Me Now

Forget Me Now Rx Freaker