Distinctive Warmth Of Fashionable Appeal: The Fur “Ushanka” “Trapper” Hat & Elegant Fur “Toppers”

House Appeal

The Fur "Trapper" Hat:  Stylish Warmth The Fur “Trapper” Hat & The Topper of Stylish Warmth

Perhaps when faced with what is now referred to as an “arctic blast” or a seemingly “polar vortex”, the donning of a cap of fur may very well seem essential. Alas, the “Trapper” hat. The warmth of fur when the weather takes a turn for intense chill is irreplaceable.  Perhaps there is nogreater warmth from Winter’s chill than that of the fur “Trapper” hat. Referred to as a traditional Russian fur Winter hat with ear flaps, known as a “Ushanka”, this hat of stylish warmth is also referred to as an “Shapka” .  A “Shapka” means “hat” for a classical Russian fur hat that is a “round, slightly tapered and brimless fur hat”. With flaps, the hat can be left down for protection and tied under the chin or can be tied up to the crown…

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