Natural Appeal: The Striking Display Of Patterned “Pheasant” Feathers

House Appeal

Nature's Bold & Geometrical Allure:  Pheasant Feathers Nature’s Bold & Geometrical Allure: Pheasant Feathers

Perhaps in late Autumn the acknowledgement of the pheasant feather seems to “mark” the season for this game bird of striking plumage. The Fall season seems to bring an appreciation of nature and the beauty of the feathers of the pheasant are certainly added to this. Alas, the feathered appeal of nature within our interiors. The plumage of Pheasant feathers as decoration within the interior offers natural interest and patterns of delight. Although the variations offer unique shapes and markings, these feathers enhance and embellish wherever they are used. The sleek shape almost holds a bold geometrical pattern of natural tones that create a striking display of natural style

Pheasant Feathers Pheasant Feathers

Perhaps the most striking feather that we all recognize as a pheasant feather is that of the Ring-Neck pheasant. Known as a “hardy, wily game bird which possesses…

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