The Heralded Arrival Of Fashion’s Glossies: Fall’s “September Issue”

Don’t forget, you can always pick up a magazine or two at Portobello Road! They are always on us. And if you’d like to drop some off, we’ll share the love for you!

House Appeal

Newsstand Favorites:  Fashion Magazines Newsstand Favorites: Fashion Magazines

The September issue has hit the newsstands for over a week. The anticipation is now over. Fashion’s glossies have done it again. They beckon us successfully every September and we have immersed ourselves within the volume of glossy pages of high style. Yet another look is warranted for the appreciation of the heralded arrival of these glossies of fashionable style

In the world of fashion, September is the most anticipated issue of the year. Alas, there is nothing bigger than the September issue. For eleven of the twelve months of the year, there in no rush greater for the tome of fashion’s glossies than the September issue. It is when late August approaches that the rush for a copy (or copies) of the famous “September Issue” from the leaders in fashion magazines arrives. It has been said that one out of every 10 American…

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