French By Royal Design: The “Louis” “Fauteuil” & “Bergere Chair”

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French Design Influenced by Royalty:  The "Louis " Chair

French Design Influenced by Royalty: The “Louis ” Chair

The chair of kings. Inspired by the reigns of Kings Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, the “Louis” chair has become an emblem of the Golden Age of the French monarchy and the periods of decorative arts that aligned with their reigns.

These chairs of great style were referred to as “Fauteuil”, which means “armchair” in French (pronounced foe-toy). In terms of antique furniture, “Fauteuil” specifically refers to an armchair with open sides. Also described as a “wide and deep chair with upholstered back and seat with open arms” with a padded top. The“fauteuil à la reine” refers to a “Queen’s armchair” with a square, high back. I adore this variation! Alas, then there is the “Bergere” chair, which is an enclosed upholstered French armchair with an upholstered back with padded armrests on…

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Excuse me, do you speak FASHIONWEEK?

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Living the dream in the ‘burbs?  Up at 6am, down at 11pm, nonstop giggles filling the hours?


Tommy Ton NYFW

Desperate Housewife clinging to your style and love of fashion, yet as a “Real Housewife ofSOMEBURB” you are uncomfortably friendly with your yoga pants?


Tommy Ton NYFW

Have no fear, reversecommuter is here to provide a quick translation of the New York Fashion Week Spring 2015 designs that are walking the runway up until Friday September 12.  Parlaying the fashions into ‘burbspeak, an everyday interpretation directly into your wardrobe!


Veronica Beard Spring 2015 reverse

Wide leg culottes – buy them now.  Wear them now with sandals, flip flops or heels.  Parlay them into fall with ankle boots, brogues and a denim jacket.  Winterize them with boots.


The Row Spring 2015

Navy Blue.  Classic, cool, rich, navy blue.  (full disclosure, this is reversecommuter’s all time…

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NYFW Look Of The Day

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SYarhi_nyfw_beckerman_girls-9487Today’s NYFW Look of The Day is of the Beckerman Sisters.  These sisters live for fashion and their fashion week outfits are always spectacular.  When Stephania Yarhi took this photo, she told us she not only loved the black and white DKNY outfits they were sporting, but also the guys caught chilling behind them, taking in all the sights of the fashion week circus.

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Get Yo Freaker On




Just in and made is the freakin’ USA! One Freaker fits any  bottle or can.

We’ve picked our favorite funky, fresh designs and if it ever gets dirty or stretched out…just throw it in the washing machine. You can see why we love ‘em!


The Heralded Arrival Of Fashion’s Glossies: Fall’s “September Issue”

Portobello Road:

Don’t forget, you can always pick up a magazine or two at Portobello Road! They are always on us. And if you’d like to drop some off, we’ll share the love for you!

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Newsstand Favorites:  Fashion Magazines

Newsstand Favorites: Fashion Magazines

The September issue has hit the newsstands for over a week. The anticipation is now over. Fashion’s glossies have done it again. They beckon us successfully every September and we have immersed ourselves within the volume of glossy pages of high style. Yet another look is warranted for the appreciation of the heralded arrival of these glossies of fashionable style

In the world of fashion, September is the most anticipated issue of the year. Alas, there is nothing bigger than the September issue. For eleven of the twelve months of the year, there in no rush greater for the tome of fashion’s glossies than the September issue. It is when late August approaches that the rush for a copy (or copies) of the famous “September Issue” from the leaders in fashion magazines arrives. It has been said that one out of every 10 American…

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