Sweater Weather

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Not only is this time of year in New York officially sweater weather, but the humble chunky homespun sweater is having a major fashion moment.  From the pages of Vogue to street style mavens, sweaters are being paired with everything from a party dress to a pair of slouchy pants this season.

We’re big fans of the incredible range of sweaters from Demylee.  Designed by Parson’s graduate Demy Lee here in New York, this designer has a chunky knit to suit everyone this season. From sweaters like the Ruth Oversize Turtleneck to the perfect chunky oversized cardigan (below middle) these knits are the perfect style statement for this winter.

demylee sweaters

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City Inspirations: Fashionable Inspirations Of Chicago In October

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Fashion's Windows Of Chicago In October

Fashion’s Windows Of Chicago In October

An early morning train ride into the city of Chicago provided a visible change in the scenery from the windows of the train’s windows. At daybreak, it was evident that the trees had already begun to loose their leaves. The layers of crimson, orange and yellow had begun to fall. Beyond the silhouettes of vacant branches were many trees that still held tightly to their leaves. It was a morning in which the visual effects of the layers and shadows of the clouds that hung above forecasted the arrival of Fall. Upon hitting the pavement of the city of Chicago, the sound of leaves blowing past me on the sidewalk also marked an evident change since my last monthly visit to this grand city off Lake Michigan. The blowing winds of Autumn that greets the continual lake breezes had settled in. And I…

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Fringe Benefits

Portobello Road:

We’ve got your fringe!

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fringe cardigan

Not since the 1970s has fashion seen so much fringe.  Worn in a decidedly different style than the last time fringe made a resurgence, this season its elegant and a little understated.  Ulla Johnson’s Indie Cardigan in coal (above) makes for a subtle soft fringe look and a great winter layer.  Coach, under the design direction of new creative director Stuart Vevers, has released the Dakotah fringed leather shoulder bag (below) whose bohemian style will make any winter look wildly cool.

coach bag

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French By Royal Design: The “Louis” “Fauteuil” & “Bergere Chair”

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French Design Influenced by Royalty:  The "Louis " Chair

French Design Influenced by Royalty: The “Louis ” Chair

The chair of kings. Inspired by the reigns of Kings Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI, the “Louis” chair has become an emblem of the Golden Age of the French monarchy and the periods of decorative arts that aligned with their reigns.

These chairs of great style were referred to as “Fauteuil”, which means “armchair” in French (pronounced foe-toy). In terms of antique furniture, “Fauteuil” specifically refers to an armchair with open sides. Also described as a “wide and deep chair with upholstered back and seat with open arms” with a padded top. The“fauteuil à la reine” refers to a “Queen’s armchair” with a square, high back. I adore this variation! Alas, then there is the “Bergere” chair, which is an enclosed upholstered French armchair with an upholstered back with padded armrests on…

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