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Heads up Party People! Portobello Road will have slightly different hours over break. For starters…We will be closing early today, around 3. Closed tomorrow 12/22, open 12-6 on Tuesday, 12-3 on Christmas Eve and closed 12/25-12/27.
Thank you so much for understanding!


Is the fur vest on your wish list? It should be…

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Available at Portobello Road. $68.00

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And, here’s a few inspiring ways to wear this statement piece.

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Natural Appeal: The Striking Display Of Patterned “Pheasant” Feathers

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Nature's Bold & Geometrical Allure:  Pheasant Feathers

Nature’s Bold & Geometrical Allure: Pheasant Feathers

Perhaps in late Autumn the acknowledgement of the pheasant feather seems to “mark” the season for this game bird of striking plumage. The Fall season seems to bring an appreciation of nature and the beauty of the feathers of the pheasant are certainly added to this. Alas, the feathered appeal of nature within our interiors. The plumage of Pheasant feathers as decoration within the interior offers natural interest and patterns of delight. Although the variations offer unique shapes and markings, these feathers enhance and embellish wherever they are used. The sleek shape almost holds a bold geometrical pattern of natural tones that create a striking display of natural style

Pheasant Feathers

Pheasant Feathers

Perhaps the most striking feather that we all recognize as a pheasant feather is that of the Ring-Neck pheasant. Known as a “hardy, wily game bird which…

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John Robshaw’s Epic Sample Sale

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LOVE John Robshaw

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Screen Shot 2014-11-02 at 11.52.26 AMJohn Robshaw Textiles‘ annual sample sale is a highlight on the shopping calendar in New York.  For lovers of linens and interior design, the bargains at this legendary sale are insane.  This year prices are discounted by up to 78%.  Deeply discounted luxurious items in the sale include Periwinkle Queen Quilts, usually priced at $395 on sale at $90, 300 Thread Count Coffee Queen Fitted Sheets marked down from $180 to $45, plus we are expecting a wonderful range of cushion covers, throws and objects for the home.

What: John Robshaw Textiles Annual Sample Sale
Where: The Metropolitan Pavilion. 123 West 18th Street (between 6th & 7th Avenue). 4th Floor. NY. 10011
When: 5th – 7th November, 2014. Wednesday & Thursday 10am-7pm. Friday 10am-2pm
Check out our weekly sample sale round-up for this week’s favorite sample sales in New York, including an incredible sample sale this…

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A Fendi Halloween

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All I want for Halloween is a Fendi.

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It’s not exactly spooky, but when we walked past the Fendi pop up store in Soho this week, we decided that this season’s collection had an element of costume drama to it.  From the Black Silk Skirt that looked like it had been lightly splattered with paint or even snow, to the Jackson Pollack infused By The Way handbag, this Fendi outfit could be the most elegant artist in residence costume imaginable this Halloween.

Fendi Pop Up Store. 115 Green Street. Soho. NY. 


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